The Best of Saturday Shoots - AyaCon
Not some of my best work sadly, since Saturday was very rushed. Also half of these are evening shoots, so hello grain and dodgy lighting. But still, there is a shot in every set that I am proud of, so hooray!
Fionna // Zacharie // Batter // Mary // Bert // Traveller // Harry // Mytho //
Photography: Beth Dooner.

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    All these photos… just wow! Not only amazing cosplayers but such beautiful photography! I love how you adapt to each...
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    All the colours & monochrome goodness! They all look fantastic! :3
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    Look at all this talent from both sides of the camera
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    ahhhh awesome photos from an awesome person! :D
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    Yay, awesome set! :D I feel bad I missed out on the HP ones..aha…way too busy that day! 8’D
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